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If you are looking for a more affordable and chic option for your big day by getting married in the English Countryside then look no further.

We steer away from established venues and work with local farmers to offer something unique and out of the ordinary and cut those huge price tags.

By choosing one of our Farmers & Suppliers you will be supporting the local community and helping farmers to stay in business.

How To Create These Scenes

We have the perfect suppliers to help you create the perfect English Countryside wedding

Below we have suggested suppliers that work regularly, to create these special moments.

We do strongly suggest using a Wedding Planner, 

Many beautiful settings to choose from

Find a Country Caterer

From private dinners to grazing platters, whatever you need we have it.

Find a Country Space

Country Style & Design Teams

Country Beauty Box

Create the perfect look for your party

We have your beauty covered for your big day. Check out our beauty team to book your artist

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